Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fire Noodles

Samyang's Fire Noodles

There is this youtube sensation going on with the challenge of eating a particular spicy noodles known as Fire Noodles. People were doing challenges and describing how hot the noodles are. Some had tears streaming down their cheeks like they have eaten Habanero Chilli or something. 
Being an immense noodle lover, this intrigued me and i too wanted to try it and see how hot the noodles were. I looked upon the noodles in all the supermarkets here but what an ill luck, i couldn't find any. Imported foods are hard to get by out here. Sigh! I was dying to try it out. 

But Luckily, i went on a short trip to Singapore where i was determined  i will grab a packet.
I finally came across the noodles where i bought a jumbo packet. Couldn't wait to try it out.

This is how, it looks like when cooked.
The noodles are like any other noodles that we find here and the only difference is the sauce. The packet contains 2 mini sachets one which contains the hot sauce and the garnish in another. 
The noodle preparation is simple. Firstly you need to boil the water and put the noodles in it. After the noodles are 
al dente, take it out and pour it over a colander and keep it aside. Then open the hot sauce and pour it over the noodles and mix it well together. then add the garnish.

My review on the World's spiciest noodles:

 1. It wasn't as spicy as i expected on first try -- must be due to chilli eating Bhutanese background.
 2. The noodles  were of course delicious. The sauce was somewhat sweet and spicy with perfect balance of seasoning.
 3. But on my second trial, i found the noodles slowly burning my tongue but bearable in terms of Bhutanese Standards.

I wouldn't mind to try it out again. Its simply delicious.


  1. I have to say it again, welcome to blogging Aum Dechen.

    I'm so overwhelmed to share my passion of writing and reading with my bestie. I've already planned on doing so many posts with you like outfit post now that fall is here, a bonfire perhaps soon, hiking, our little visits and coffee catch ups and brunch and things we love doing together :).

    I cannot wait!

    Give my love to my lil' Japanese lover boy and say hi to SJ for me.