Monday, August 31, 2015


I always start my day by doing what i am most passionate about.
I have been a yoga enthusiast for almost a decade. My obsession for yoga started when i was going through some magazines and saw a Yoga  Guru stretching and peaceful. I felt in love like it was love at first sight. From there on i enrolled myself in a yoga class and gradually started learning all the poses.

 Since then i have been practicing this wonderful exercise on a daily basis.  This has helped me a lot, not only physically but mentally too. I am most peaceful when i do yoga. 

Here are few yoga moves.
Downward Facing Dog
Scorpion pose

Pigeon Pose
I will be posting more on the poses and its benefits in the later stages. Till then---->KEEP CALM AND DO YOGA!


Hello Fellow Bloggers and Readers!

Let me start my blogging journey with a Hearty Greeting.
I had been dreaming to blog like forever but couldn't come to consensus with my busy work and family life. So, this is the moment where i suddenly without much thinking, opened up a blog where i will be posting what ever comes to my mind.

I am planning to update my blog mostly through pictures. Happy Reading!