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Thursday, April 21, 2016


How To Make Yarn Wrapped Alphabet Letters

This Simple DIY task is simple and easy and it just takes few hours to make it. I decided to do a "LOVE" word for the craft.

The craft immediately beautified and lightened up my home. 

Things Required:

1. Yarn
2. Cardboard Box/a  sponge at that you use at home
3. Scissors
4. Cello tape
5. Papers
6. Measuring Tape
7. Pencil/pen
8. Glue


Cut the cartoon box/mat in to the required alphabets for the base to prepare the craft. 
I measured my alphabets and the cut it accordingly.

After cutting the outline of the alphabets, i begin wrapping the alphabets horizontally. This took a little amount of time.

Make sure that you wrap around the alphabets neatly. After the wrapping was done i cut the yarn and secured it to the edge by gluing it down on all sides.

Then i set the craft aside to dry.

I decorated the finished letter with crocheted flowers and leaves after which i secured it on the finished alphabet.

After its dried, i folded an A4 sized paper and inserted it into the yarn on the backside of the craft to be pasted on the wall. Then i  took the two sided cello tape and pasted it one side on the paper. 

Then i pasted the finished project on the wall.

Let me know if you guys try this out. I think they would be super cute as a single letter in you bedroom or living room or your kids’ rooms or even on a bookshelf.



Friday, April 1, 2016

Earth Laughs in Flowers

Spring Through My Lens

Spring brings a new hope of  rebirth, renewal and regrowth. Everything becomes new when the spring is in the air.

Enjoy the spring through my lens:

Peach Blossom
Peach Blossom

Pear Blossom


Primula Blossom

Apple Blossom

Trashi Chhodzong

Below is the Peach Blossom Nail Art i did to rejoice the spring month. 

Wish You a Bright and Happy Spring!